Office Lighting – The modern developments

Those long office meetings often stress on only one main point – productivity. People talk big when they talk about productivity. Number games and targets, and other jargons are given high importance. But do we realize that productivity is also very much dependent on little things? Like a proper working atmosphere for the employees.

Lighting the office in an apt manner could actually take you a step closer towards your achieving your productivity goals simply by elevating the psyche of your employees and lifting their spirits and motivation to work efficiently.

Let us explore how different can your office lighting be made and which type should you choose for your office


A troffer is a light fixture that is rectangular in shape and can be fitted into a modular ceiling grid. They are classically built to fit fluorescent lamps of the standard size i.e. t12, t8 and t5 and also the recent ones that accommodate integral LED sources. They are recessed generally as above ceiling grid but can also be seen as surface mount. If you speak about commercial or industrial lightings, troffers are the most commonly used equipments.

T8 troffer

Proposed use:

Useful for all recessed general applications for illumination.


Available in an innovative design for t8 lamps and electronic ballasts of low profiles. They have hemmed sides which allow smooth edges so installation can be done with ease. It has a steel door frame that is standard and consists of perfect flush mitered corners and spring action latches. It boasts of a distinctive design and an appearance which is extruded. It comes with a housing and door interface that provides an advanced mechanical light seal without having to really use foam gasketing. It comes with superior performance and therefore higher fixture efficiency. It also has connected T Bar safety clips and you need not install those separately. Most importantly, they are compatible with most of the ceiling types.

T5 troffer

Proposed use:

It provides illumination for indoor applications which are recessed. They are most suitable for plenum spaces.


This is also available in innovative designs optimum for t5/t8 lamps and also t5 and t8 squashed sockets. Most other specifications are similar to the t8 troffer. It comes with a standard rotary cam latch. The door can latch and hinge from any side. Modification kits are also available.

New LED troffers

Proposed use:

It is an economical digital lighting platform built to provide basic ambient lighting for ceilings in schools, hospitals or offices. It is built on the tried and tested GT troffer. It gives you a steadfast color consistency and unmitigated service life of about 50000 hours.


It comes with smooth sides that are hemmed and flanges at the end which are formed inward and allows easy installation. You can use a highly transmissive pattern 12 lens as it scatters LED light source without reducing the quality of output. Its drivers and internal components can be accessed from the floor. Poke – in connectors are present in LED boards which let you enjoy smooth servicing and repairing. It is also appropriate for direct insulation contact.

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