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Autoranging Digital Multimeter with Rubber Holster - An electrician in.s Autoranging Multimeter with rubber holster.

AC Voltage: 400m/4/40/400/600V+/-0.8%

  • DC Voltage: 400m/4/40/400/600V+/-0.5%
  • DC Current: 400u/4000/20m/40m/400m/10A+/-2%
  • AC Current: 400u/4000/20m/40m/400m/10A+/-3%
  • Autoranging Multimeter Resistance: 400/4K/40K/400K/4M/40M +/-0.8%, 2M+/-1%
  • Frequency 9.999Hz to 9.999MHz+/-3%
  • Autoranging with Manual Ranging Override
  • Diode Test
  • Hfe Transistor Test
  • Audible Continuity Test
  • Fuse 200mA/250V
  • IEC 61010-1 CAT II 600V
  • Digital Multimeter Dimensions: 1.25 in. X 2.72 in. X 5.44 in.
  • Weight: 9 oz.

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Cat NoSpec SheetsAutoranging Digital Multimeter with Rubber Holster AC Voltage:400m/4/40/400/600V 0.8% DC Voltage: 400m/4/40/400/600V 0.5% DC Current: 400u/4000/20m/40m/400m/10A 2% Resistance:400/4K/40K/400K/4M/40M 0.8%, 2M 1%
57044 Spec Sheet
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Digital Multimeter & Temperature Probe with Rubber Holster
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