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High Pressure Sodium Canopy Lights

With the right high pressure sodium lighting solutions, you get powerful illumination combined with rugged durability. We offer a diverse selection of high-pressure sodium canopy light fixtures to meet your needs with ease and affordability.

Our high-pressure sodium canopy lights are ideal for areas that require broad, spread commercial lighting, such as shopping malls, public buildings, docking areas, and parking garages. Commonly referred to as HPS lights, high-pressure sodium lights provide a significantly longer life than incandescent lights and require three to five time less energy to operate. At, we carry an extensive selection of high-pressure sodium canopy lights in a range of wattages, sizes, and mounting options. From 70 to 400 watts, our selection ensures you’ll find the ideal HPS canopy lighting for your space. We offer them in various color choices, such as gray and white, to make sure you get a fixture that not only performs well under pressure but also looks great with your building or décor. Every one of these lighting solutions is made with the very best in durable construction for a fixture built to last for many years. Housings are made from heavy duty die-cast aluminum coated with a strong bronze finish to prevent damage and each unit features a silicone-sealed gasket to prevent moisture, dirt, or debris getting inside the lens.

Many of our HPS canopy lights can be wall-mounted, where they are UL listed for damp locations. They are UL listed for wet conditions when ceiling mounted. Our HPS canopy light selection also includes a 70 and 100-watt recessed mounted fixture, which is covered by a two-year warranty. Other high-pressure sodium canopy light fixtures are protected by a one-year warranty.

At, we are honored to be your source for all your commercial and residential lighting needs. With a wide selection of the highest quality lighting solutions, you are sure to find the perfect choice. If you have any questions about any of the exceptional products we offer, our team of lighting experts is ready to help!

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