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Induction Canopy Lights

Induction canopy lighting is the preferred lighting solution for highly trafficked areas or outdoor areas commonly exposed to inclement weather conditions. When it comes to lighting outdoor areas or any area exposed to moisture, using the wrong lighting can be a costly mistake. With our selection of induction canopy lighting options made for outdoor applications and indoor areas needing extra durability such as garages, you can rest assured you made the right choice for your lighting needs.

UL listed for wet applications, induction canopy lights are suitable for public parks, walkways, cold storage and freezers, parking garages and highly trafficked stairwells. Commonly constructed with heavy duty housing and featuring a silicone-sealed gasket, induction canopy light fixtures can withstand severe abuse from the elements and vandalism. Fixtures are also made with polycarbonate lenses for a shatter proof fixture of incomparable standards. At, we feature an extensive selection of induction canopy lights to meet your particular needs. Choose from various specifications such as watts ranging from 64 to 200 watts, lumen outputs, color, style, voltage capabilities, and more to find the perfect lighting for you.

Not only are induction canopy light fixtures popular due to their durability; many prefer the fixture for their incredibly long life span. Commonly used in hard-to-reach areas, where maintenance would be difficult, our induction lights provide an average life of 100,000 hours of high-quality lighting. Although our selection features various wattages, reflectors, housing constructions, and sizes, each one of our induction canopy lights is covered by a five-year warranty. With these lighting solutions, you get incredible performance combined with durability for a lighting option offering peace of mind.

At, we are honored to be your source for all your lighting solutions for your location. With our wide selection of high-quality lights and accessories, you can always get the performance and longevity you deserve. If you have any questions, our team of lighting experts would be happy to assist you further. Contact one of our lighting representatives today!

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