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Our inventory of 5-inch steel square light poles features a wide selection of options to choose from. These 5-inch square steel light poles feature partially galvanized carbon steel anchor bolts and a protective powder topcoat for extra sturdiness. Light fixtures on top of these sturdy poles can cover a large area. They're ideal for parking lot light poles. You can choose from different drill hole configurations for easy installation. This includes 2 drill holes at either 90 or 180 degrees from each other.

Made from rugged and durable steel and a bronze paint finish for an attractive appearance, these light poles can add a reliable source of light for years to come. With a range of heights available from 17 feet all the way to 30 feet, our inventory of 5-inch steel square light poles features sturdy construction with thoughtful design components including large hand holes for easy wiring and accompanying cover for safety, a fully welded pole shaft for extra stability, and easy to drill mounting configurations. We offer all necessary hardware needed for installation included with each light pole, such as partially galvanized carbon steel anchor bolts, ground lugs, removable pole cap, and a standard full-base cover. From the perfectly placed drill holes to the reliable thickness of the walls, these poles have been manufactured to make lighting your outdoor area less stressful.

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