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High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Wall Pack Lights

When looking for powerful performance, high pressure sodium wall pack lights (HPS) have the highest efficiency of the family of white light sources and are part of the family of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. They're widely used in street lighting and are also recommended for industrial, exterior, and security lighting. The long life of these commercial lighting fixtures also makes them useful for interior applications. Approximately 29 percent of the energy used by the lamp produces light. The compact size of these sodium commercial lighting fixtures gives great placement flexibility. The housing includes a durable die cast aluminum back plate and a front diffuser to effectively distribute the light. A weatherproof silicone gasket protects against dust and humidity. Used as street lighting, the outdoor high-pressure sodium fixtures have a broader spectrum of light than low-pressure sodium lamps and they also cause less light pollution than mercury-vapor lamps. Our selection of commercial wall pack lighting includes a 35-watt high-pressure sodium wall pack, 50-watt wall pack, 70 watt HPS wall pack, 100 watt, 150 watt, 250 watt, and 400 watt.

Our inventory of high-pressure sodium wall pack lights is security purposed lighting fixtures with a High-Pressure Sodium Lamp (HPS) fixture as a source of Illumination. The pressurizing of sodium gives a color spectrum effect that makes it special. High pressurized sodium vapor lamps are very cost effective. The wall pack light is comfortably hosted on a stiff durable back plate made of die-cast aluminum with a front diffuser for optimum distribution of light. The sodium lamp is shielded in a weatherproof silicone gasket for protection against humidity and dust.

The use of high-pressure sodium wall pack light fixtures has a great impact on providing visibility in outdoor lightings and gardens by imparting a colored light effect via a static lighting installation. A high-pressure sodium wall light is categorized on basis of the following factors distinguishingly.

vWatt Capacity

vVoltage Strength

vBase finish (White or bronze)

vInstallation Condition specific (if suitable for dry or wet locations).

vType of Reflector

The efficiency of high-pressure sodium wall pack light fixtures may not be as sound as its LED counterpart but it makes up for it with its sheer versatility.

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