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Induction Wall Pack Lights

Induction lighting offers many benefits when compared to conventional lighting systems. Durable induction wall pack lights will last 5 to 10 times longer than outdated alternatives, on average, and can exceed their rated lifetime of 100,000 hours. This significantly reduces the overall costs of having to buy new lamps, making them ideal for commercial outdoor light use. They produce less heat than other lamps, which will lower cooling costs in commercial and industrial settings. Their designs do not include fragile components such as filaments and electrodes, which are the primary causes of lamp failures due to vibration or weather conditions. They offer good color rendering, instant restrike without warming up and will ignite in much colder temperatures than conventional lights. This makes them highly suitable for outdoor and cold storage applications. The absence of flicker and glare is another major advantage, plus they operate silently without buzzing or humming. Induction lamps are a very efficient light source, too, consuming only 50 percent of the energy that’s typically used by less efficient lighting. This allows companies to take advantage of utility rebate programs for high-efficiency products.

Our inventory of induction wall pack lights offers the leading names in commercial lighting for performance you can trust. Offered in a variety of specification differences, you are sure to find the lighting solution that is ideal for your location and needs. Choose from varying components, including watt capacities ranging from 40 to 150 and lumen outputs of up to 10,000, as well as a range of sizes both in height and width to provide the exact scope of illumination your space requires. These induction wall pack lights also offer variations in voltage strength, ranging from 120V to 277V, depending on your needs. Aside from the performance elements, our induction wall pack lights offer choices in the base finish, such as white or bronze, to help add to the visual appeal of your lighting system. With these powerful lighting options, you can ensure the safety and security of your location with ease and affordability. If you have any questions about which option may be best for you, we are here to help!

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