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Industrial and commercial lighting at wholesale prices

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These products are smartly designed fixtures, consisting of linear lamps coated with polycarbonate and fixed to a suitable ballast. This powerful but compact design is what makes Biax bulbs a smart choice when it comes to energy saving. They are safety compliant and start up at a safe, specific temperature. You will be able to rely on them to perform day in and day out, giving you the light you need without hassle. With a longer lifespan than many other options on the market, Biax lamps will reduce maintenance costs and help you enjoy your fixtures even more.

These lamps work fabulously in indoor applications and are a popular feature in many residential as well as commercial sectors. They are also a likely candidate for providing illumination to statues and billboards, where there is a requirement for lightning that remains effective for long periods of time. The small stature and high power for Biax lamps make them an ideal choice for a large variety of applications, and you will love every second of your fixtures when you use this remarkable technology. Best of all, they are highly affordable, with a low cost that makes them a very economical choice for anyone in need of great illumination on a budget. Browse through our great selection of Biax bulbs and find the right model for your needs. With the advantage of compact and effective lighting, you will be able to find a solution for any space in no time.

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