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Compact Fluorescent (CFL)

Compact Fluorescent Lights are energy saving replacements of regular Incandescent Lamps in lighting fixtures or installations. CFL lights have a curved reflector surface and compact electronic ballast placed at the base. Compact Fluorescent Lights have a fifteen percent longer shelf life than an incandescent Lamp. Although they cost more than their household-used incandescent counterpart, they compensate by reducing the electricity bills over the light's lifetime. Since CFLs consume only around one-fourth of the electric power, they are highly recommended and popularized in residential applications.

CFL lighting works best in decorative lighting such as closed lamp settings, specialty lighting, dimmable applications and enclosed fixtures for maximum brightness. They are a common fixture in hotels and household settings.

CFLs can be classified into the following 

  • Single Tube CFL
  • Double Tube CFL
  • Triple Tube CFL

Each of these different types of CFL Lights is available in 2 pin and 4 pin versions.

CFLs also feature in different shapes as per their ultity purposes

A typical CFL light has a great efficacy of around 70 lumens per watt. They have superior light output and better color rendering (CRI) ratio. CFLs emit the best white light in their advanced improved versions. 

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