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Aside from the incredible efficiency of sodium high-pressure light bulbs, they are also known for their light output and color. High-pressure sodium lighting is usually used to create a colored light effect in a static or dynamic lighting installation. Hence it is highly favored for outdoor lighting, gardens, and indoor gardening. Such a wide color spectrum is difficult to produce in alternative lighting options, creating a niche consumer market for this kind of lighting. White SON, a variation of high-pressure sodium lighting, is used to create a customized ambiance in cafes. With a wide selection of sodium high-pressure lamps to choose from, you are sure to find the right choice. We offer these lights in a wide range of watts, from a gentle 35 watts to an impressive 1000 watts, to help you find the lighting you need for your location with ease and affordability.

They are largely classified into:

  • Acrylic Fixtures
  • Aluminum Fixtures

High pressure sodium fixtures are also categorized on basis of

  • Size
  • Watt Capacity

We offer a large selection of these high-pressure sodium lighting solutions with our affordable options. Find the perfect lighting solution for your needs today!

At, we are honored to be your source for high-quality lighting solutions for a range of applications. With a wide range of lighting types available at an affordable price, find exactly what you need for your particular space with ease. If you have any questions regarding our products or services, contact our lighting specialists for further assistance today.

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