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Typically, metal halide lamps last more than 20,000 hours. They are extremely reliable and efficient, particularly because of their long lifespan. Whether you need a 175-watt, 400-watt or 1,500-watt lamp, we have you covered with our wide selection of exceptional lighting.

Our selection of metal halide lamps includes those compatible with a variety of ballasts, including M57, M59, and M102. We also carry lamps with a protective coating that can be used in foodservice environments and other places where breakage could pose a health hazard. All of the metal halide lamps in our selection are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Metal halide light fixtures are extremely bright and used in many applications like parking lots, building construction lights, building perimeter lights, stadiums, under canopies for gas stations, and many more spots where you need bright brilliant light. The life expectancy of metal halides is much greater than 20,000 hours and great for reliability. We offer many brands such as GE, Phillips, Sylvania, and EIKO replacements for whatever your re-lamping needs are. These bulbs are considered very reliable and last for extended amounts of time. Be sure to check your ballast specifications for the lamp that would appropriately be controlled by that ballast. This number would have an M number attached to it i.e. M 59, M 57, M102 this tells you the correct controlled ballast for that lamp. Some of the most popular metal halides that you'll come across is 175 W, 400 W, 250 W, and 1000 watt bulbs. We also offer protective coded lamps for food grade environments and other environments where a shattered lamp would not be good. We can coat any metal halide needed for your applications! If you're not sure what lamp would be right for your ballast, please contact our customer support team at the number above. We are here to help!

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