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MR16 Lamps

MR16 Lamps are lighting fixtures with a multifaceted reflector (MR) surface at the bottom. Hence they are called so. The numerous facets in the interior wall of the lamp, in combination with the ultra reflective surface transmit heat at the back of the lamp. That phenomenon is responsible for producing the bright milky illumination effect. They are never fixed straight to the wall but always at a designated angle.

MR16 Lamps are highly favored for any soothing lighting application.

MR16 Lamps are available in different watt capacity prototypes such as:

  • 50 watt MR16 Lamps
  • 20 watt MR16 Lamps
  • 75 watt MR16 Lamps
  • 100 watt MR16 Lamps

MR16 Lamps are categorized and available in many different Lamp composition types. Listed below are a few distinctive types:

  • CFL
  • Halogen
  • LED

MR16 Lamps constitutes of the following components which distinguishes it from all other wall lights

  • Watt Capacity
  • Voltage Strength
  • Type of Mounting
  • Color Temperature
  • Life Capacity of the Lamp
  • Base Type

Efficiency of an MR16 Lamp depends on its main Lamp Component. It is always advisable to use a LED spot light for maximum efficiency and high energy saving.

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