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  • 25 ft steel 5 inch square light pole
  • Easy drill to mount fixtures 
  • Easy install bolts included
  • Large hand hole for easy wiring 
  • Steel Wall Thickness 0.180 in.
  • Powder coated for long lasting Durability 
  • Lead Times Vary - Please Call
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The 25-foot, 5-inch steel square light poles available from are built tough and durable, and they’re easy to install. We offer these high-quality light poles at affordable prices with free shipping included.

Suitable for parking lots, roadways and general area lighting, these light poles are easy to drill for mounting fixtures. They’re also simple to install and come complete with bolts. A large hand hole makes for fast, easy wiring.

These durable light poles have a steel wall thickness of 0.18 inches. They have been mechanically cleaned and coated with an electrostatically applied, baked-on powder-coated finish to add to their long lifespan. A dark bronze finish matches tenons and fixtures for an attractive look.

These poles include pole caps, partially galvanized carbon steel anchor bolts and hardware and ABS plastic two-piece base covers. Since lead times can vary and different soil conditions require different light poles, please call the experts at toll free before ordering.

Additional Information

Soil conditions can vary substantially within an area. Installers are to work with an engineering firm to determine suitable poles and EPA loadings for every installation.

Applications - Parking lots, roadways and general area lighting.

Paint Finish: All poles are mechanically cleaned and coated with an electrostatically applied, baked-on powder topcoat. They are also painted in dark bronze to match our tenons and fixtures.

Pole Caps: A removable pole cap is included with each pole configured for fixture side mounting. Poles with tenon top configuration do not include a pole cap.

Anchor Bolts: Partially galvanized anchor bolts and hardware are furnished with each pole. The bolts are made from carbon steel bar conforming to AASHTO and ASTM Grade-55 requirements.

Pole Base: The base is supplied with slotted anchor bolt openings so that a range of bolt circles can be utilized. The base plate telescopes the pole shaft and is circumferentially welded top and bottom.

Base Cover: A standard, full base cover is included with each pole and is made from ABS plastic. Its two-piece construction is secured together with two plastic, hand push rivets.

Hand-hole: A rectangular shaped hand-hole is furnished, measuring 2.5" x 5" and includes a steel cover, attachment bar with machine screw. The hand-hole is located 1.5 feet about the pole base.

Electrical Ground: A ground lug is provided near the hand-hole and includes a hex-head bolt and nut.


  • BOLT CIRCLE RANGE 10 IN. to 12 inches
  • Handhole cover, electrical ground lug and base cover included
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