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Residential Lights

Residential lighting solutions are carefully designed illumination solutions designed to provide customized lighting to houses, villas, apartments and any kind of residential set-up. They are fixated to the wall surface, hung by a steel segment or mounted on an external casing, as suitable. Residential Lighting is quiet varied and versatile in its utility.

Residential Lighting can be customized as per client requirement and can be differentiated on the basis of purpose of design and illumination as: 

*      Primary Source of Lighting

*      Decorative

*      Security

*      Additional Source of Lighting

Residential lighting works best for residential Complexes such as Residential buildings, independent houses, condos, villas, sports, community centers and private gardens.

Residential Lighting is an amalgamation of different types of lighting fixtures assembled together in a set combination to produce the desired luminosity. Listed below are some of the prototypes of Residential Lighting structures:


Residential Lighting vary in performance and positioning of the installation on basis of their fixture component

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