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Retro Lighting Kits

Retro Lighting Kits are renovation purpose Lighting Installation Kits with improved capabilities. They also enable replacement of old Installations fixtures with a high grade base replacement. By a simple installation method, a retrofit kit can accommodate better, more efficient lamps & ballasts. This results in up to 45% energy savings, without installation of a new fixture.

Retro Lighting Kits can be used in office, schools and commercial lighting settings. They are also used to upgrade aquarium light fixtures.

Advantage of Retro Lighting Kits over new Installations

  • It eliminates the added cost of purchasing new Installation sets.
  • Pre-wiring provision for new and replacement fixtures.
  • Fast and cost-effective solution.
  • Decreases installation time.
  • With the right replacement, it can improve efficiency of the installation up to 50% with no added installation cost.
  • Environmentally friendly in terms of reduced wastage due to re-use of resources.

Retro Lighting Kits can be categorized in general into two types

  • Strip Retrofit Kits
  • Troffer or Recessed Retrofit Kits

Retro Lighting Kits can also vary on basis of the following factors

  • Structure Length
  • Watt Capacity
  • Type of  Reflector

Retro Lighting Kits are available in different size variation.

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