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Industrial Strips

Industrial Strip Lighting is a light installation that uses a series of fluorescent lamps or lights in a strip formation bound under an underground panel or fixed to a surface panel. As the name suggests, this type of lighting usually features in floor lighting applications for large Industrial Areas. Industrial Strips are also a good fit for illumination of departmental and grocery stores.

Why do Fluorescent Lights work in Industrial Strips?

Fluorescent lighting is the best bet when it comes to illumination of a large area. The light produced is a blue/white color which is able to disperse without leaving shadowy areas. Since fluorescent light fixtures come in different lengths and different technology such as T5 and T8, it becomes easier for the installer to mount them in hard-to-reach places. Also, different fluorescent lamps produce different light outputs and provide white as well as color options. The intensity and functionality of Industrial Strips can be manipulated to meet your requirements.

Industrial Strips can be categorized on basis of the following factors:

  • Fluorescent Lamp type
  • Watt Capacity
  • Reflector Surface Coat
  • Fixture Length

A typical Industrial Strip Lighting Fixture description would read as :- 50" Telescopic Staggered Strip Fixture, 2 Lamp, 54 Watt T5HO, 120-277 Universal.

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