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Lighting Resources

Lights Generate Heat

Why Do Certain Lights Generate Heat?

When choosing the right lighting solution for you needs, the matter of heat might come up. While you know a light fixture produces illumination, the fact that it produces heat is often a more confusing topic in the world of lighting. So why do certain lights generate heat? Are there options with less heat and does it matter? Let's take a closer look at this topic for a better understanding.

How To Calculate Lighting Savings

When you switch from an older outdated lamp to a newer model, the hope is to save money on lighting costs. While you may know that switching to a lamp with better efficiency will save on lighting costs, the matter of figuring out exactly how much you’re saving can seem overwhelming.

History Of Gas Lighting

The world of lighting has been a continual race in technology and advancement since it started. When looking at the early beginning of modern lighting, gas played an important role. Here are a few facts to know about the history of gas lighting.

Library Lighting

Every space has its own unique lighting needs. In order to achieve the right balance of welcoming atmosphere and focused attention appropriate for the space, library lighting needs to be a careful layering of the right fixture types.

Hair Salon Lighting

When it comes to finding the right lighting, the type of location plays a big role in the best applications. For hair salon lighting, there are a few important things to keep in mind which will determine the right solutions for the needs of this unique space. Let's take a closer look at the matter of hair salon lighting.

Understanding LED Dimmable Drivers

While we all know LED is one of the highest performing solutions on the market today, the matter of LED dimmable drivers is a less widely understood concept.

How Dimmable Drivers Work

The world of lighting is full of inner workings which are unfamiliar to most people. When it comes to dimmable drivers, there are a few general confusions on the matter.

High Bay vs. Low Bay Lighting

What is high bay lighting? What is low bay lighting? Are there major differences between the two?

How Many Lumens Do I Need

While you may or may not have a passing understanding of lumens, it is helpful to have at least the basic principles under your belt to get the best results.

Utility Rebates

Looking for energy rebate incentives find your State and then your utility and then click the link to the right to bring you direct to the information you need!

Lumens and Lighting Facts

When most people think about lighting, they have a surface level knowledge of the subject. However, knowing more about lighting can make you a better

Lighting Glossary (Terms to Understand the lighting market)

When choosing products, our lighting glossary can clear up any confusion. Learn the basics to find the right solution for you.

Eco-friendly Office Lighting Options

When it comes to setting up the lighting scheme for an office, there are many factors to keep in mind. Aside from factors like cost, style, and output, another area

Can Certain Lighting Increase Your Need For Air Conditioning?

The simple answer is yes. Obviously, certain types of lighting will have higher operating temperatures and it will raise the overall temperature in the room which will,

Industrial Lighting Energy Best Practices

Finding the right lighting for any location may seem like a careful balancing act. It needs to be efficient in terms of energy used while still providing ample

What Makes LEDs So Efficient?

There is no denying the overwhelming popularity of LED lights over the last several years. From residential and commercial settings to industrial warehouses, there is

How Hospital Lighting Has Been Linked To Patient Wellness

Hospitals are one of the most important necessities of modern day life. When it comes to hospital lighting, the relationship between patient wellness and the

Lighting Safety Tips

For most homeowners, there are many hands-on tasks that are relatively easy to approach. With DIY lighting projects or even just routine maintenance in regard to

Reducing Energy Costs In A Warehouse Setting

When lighting a warehouse, it may seem like a high utility cost is just part of the equation. While most warehouses tend to be large buildings with high illumination

Lighting Maintenance and the Importance Behind It

Lighting is an investment in your business that requires minimal maintenance for the most part. While lighting is pretty minimal in the upkeep it needs, there are still a

LED Basics

With their lower energy consumption and impressive longevity, light emitting diode (LED) fixtures have become a popular staple on all fronts of lighting ranging

Emergency Lighting Based on Building Type

When it comes to choosing emergency lighting based on building type, the expectations are typically clearly defined by codes and regulations. These rules are

How Lighting Influences Consumers

There is no denying the overwhelming relationship between lighting and humans. From sleep disturbances caused by a lack of light to improved mental states from

How Energy efficient Lighting Works

Energy saving lighting solutions are a great way to save not only energy, but also money on monthly utilities. Since this type of lighting is designed to perform well in

Resources for Calculating Energy and Cost

When choosing the best lighting solutions for your location, the cost no doubt is a major factor. With the bottom line always looming, finding ways to ensure energy

Different Types of Light Switches

Proper illumination is only achieved when the entire lighting system is working together as a whole. From the fixture to the bulbs, lighting is a response to several

Filtering LED Optical Layers

When choosing lighting, it is never a matter of simply choosing the bulb and fixture. There are many considerations that come into play in determining the option

How to Recycle Lights The Right Way

One of the main objectives with lighting is to find solutions that will last for a long period of reliable use. While advancements have been made on the

Shunted or Unshunted Tombstones?

When looking at lighting, it may seem like there are tons of options on the market, and each one has unique characteristics. Finding the right solution for your

Plug and Play Vs. Ballast Bypass

Lighting continues to change to meet the evolving needs of consumers. While LED was once a new technology, it has now become the industry standard for

Lighting Publications You Should Check Out

As any professional knows, staying sharp about the industry is the key to success. One of the best ways to stay current in your field is to keep up by reading trade

Does Lighting Help Improve Efficiency at Airports?

A hub of constant activity, an airport is an environment with a lot of hustle and bustle. When it comes to this essential location, lighting can either be successful or

Does Certain Lighting Make People Buy More in Stores?

The way lighting affects human is a known principle. From the way light exposure helps with our moods to the way it helps regulate sleep cycles, lighting plays a big

What is a Footcandle & How is it Used in Lighting?

In the field of lighting, there are a lot of terms to understand. While most people have a pretty good grasp of concepts such as lumen output, wattages consumed,

What is a DLC Listing?

There are a lot of terms commonly used in the lighting industry. If you are unfamiliar with certain terms, it is also a good idea to attain a better understanding to

How Lighting Affects Our Emotions

The connection between humans and light is nothing new. With more and more studies being performed to look more closely at this relationship, the foundation

Are Lighting Circuits Protected by RCD?

While lighting may seem pretty straightforward, there are several elements working behind the scenes to get the result of a standard fixture. When it comes to

Importance of Proper Lighting While on the Computer

The matter of protecting our eyesight is important. With more screen time becoming the new normal, it makes sense to wonder about the effects it has on our

How To Safely Put Outdoor Christmas Lights In Trees

While the holidays are a great time for bright lights and festive cheer, getting everything in place can seem like a hassle. One of the biggest hassles is often the

What Is CRI?

There are a lot of terms used in the lighting industry which may seem confusing to outsiders. When it comes to CRI, you have probably heard about it, but might still

What is Uplight and Downlight?

In the world of lighting, there are a lot of terms to decipher. While some terms are never explained because they are assumed to be a common vernacular within

HID Equivalency

When looking to create a more efficient and reliable lighting plan, one of the easiest ways to improve on matters such as lumen output and wattages consumed is

What Is Direct and Indirect Lighting?

In the world of light fixtures, most consumers have questions about certain terms or aspects. When it comes to direct versus indirect lighting, most consumers have

History of Light Bulbs

The history of lighting is a long, interesting story that most people get completely wrong. For example, most people incorrectly think Thomas Edison is the creator of the light bulb,

How Lighting Switches Are Rated

As a consumer, finding the right lighting solutions can seem overwhelming at times. For example, choosing the right light switch for your needs can be tricky. While it may seem that taking a one size fits

LED Lighting Infographic

Consumes lower energy levels than other lamps making it environmentally friendly. Higher lumen output to wattage consumed than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Lamp doesn’t lose energy during operation so there is no heat byproduct.

Home Lighting Tips Infographic

When looking at light bulbs, light temperature is denoted on the Kelvin scale. Lights are denoted as being either warm or cool temperatures. A warm temperature tends to be visible to the human eye as a yellow to yellowish white color

Lighting Legislation

The Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) comes into existence in 1975. This act would be crucial in determining which solutions were deemed safe for consumers to use based on safety to the individual and the planet as well.

Scale of Light Brightness Infographic

Lights come in different levels of brightness. The concept of brightness is measured in lumens. Generally speaking, the higher the lumen output, the brighter the light produced.

Anatomy of an LED Lightbulb & Infographic

The anatomy of an LED light bulb is worth knowing. It will help to understand how the light operates as well as what makes it so efficient. Let’s take a closer look at anatomy of an LED light bulb.

Lighting Certifications

As a consumer, there is a lot of information to figure out regarding lighting. When it comes to certifications, it can be confusing to figure out the various ratings. Here are the basic lighting certifications you need to know to help you

History of LED Lighting

The matter of lighting has been steadily evolving since before the days of Thomas Edison. While the light bulb in one form or another has been a present element of modern life since the early 1900s,

History of HID Lighting

As with any field, new discoveries in lighting have shaped the solutions we are familiar with in the modern age. When it comes to the history of HID lighting, it might be of interest to learn that there were

History of Fluorescent Lighting

When looking at the history of one type of lamp in the lighting world, it is important to note that progress doesn’t occur in a vacuum. When a new advance is made in one area of lighting

How to Bypass a Ballast

If you are trying to retrofit a fixture from fluorescent to LED lamps, you may need to bypass the ballast for this purpose. When it comes to how to bypass a ballast, it is simple enough in theory.

How to Detect Radioactive Exit Signs

When you purchase a commercial or public building, chances are there were already lighting solutions in place for certain aspects such as exit signs. Whether you just purchased a building for your business or you are looking to examine older fixtures for safety concerns, here are a few tips on how to detect radioactive exit signs and what to do about them.

When to Use High Bay Lighting Fixtures

Since lighting is never a one size fits all solution, it is important to carefully consider the dynamics of your location to find the right choice. One of the more misunderstood concepts in lighting is when to use high bay lighting fixtures. Here are a few things to know about when to use high bay lighting fixtures which may make it easier to navigate.

Lumen Depreciation

In the lighting industry, there are a lot of terms commonly used by insiders. If you aren’t as familiar with the ins and outs of lighting, you may have a few questions about certain terms. When it comes to lumen depreciation, there is a lot of confusion regarding this aspect of illumination. Let’s take a closer look at lumen

Do Dimmer Switches Save Power?

Most people are looking for ways to save money. Whether at home or in a commercial space, dimmers have become a topic of debate in terms of energy savings. While dimmers reduced the light being produced, many people assume it also naturally reduces the energy being consumed in the press. So, do dimmer

Requirements for Explosion Proof Lighting

When it comes to lighting, there are a few things worth knowing to ensure you get the right option for your location. For instance, explosion proof lighting is a solution commonly used in areas where hazardous gases or high heat temperatures are present regularly. While this is the only suitable lighting solution for certain

Lighting Your House Room By Room Infographic

Make the table the focal point for lighting. From eating to game night, the table is where the light should be centered. Make sure the table is placed in the center of the room with the light fixture placed directly above it.

Office Lighting Infographic

Lighting plays a role in employee productivity. With the right office lighting, ensure a productive workforce to achieve company goals. Here are a few tips for lighting for productivity. Layer lighting. The days of using only one type of fixture are gone. Today’s workers respond better to a layered light source. Overhead fixtures are a mainstay in any office but make sure you balance the light directions with layered lighting. Add in wall sconces and reduce the lumen output from the overhead to ensure a better balance.

Recessed Lighting Infographic

When you want style and function, recessed lighting is a great choice. There are a few things you need to know when buying this type of fixture for the first time. This type of lighting is placed directly in the ceiling with all the wiring and housing concealed with the visible part

Cost of Different Lighting Types Infographic

Whether lighting for a home or business, the cost of lighting is always a factor. Here are a few things to know about the cost of different lighting types. What contributes to the cost? When most people think of the cost, they are referring to the price of the lamp

Purchasing a Light Bulb Infographic

Choosing the right lighting for your needs may seem intimidating. With all the information available and the different types on the market, here are the basics you need to know when purchasing a light bulb.

Garage Lighting Infographic

The most important part of garage lighting is the overhead fixture. This is the main light source for most garages. Choose a high lumen output. The lumen output is essentially how bright the fixture is so make sure you choose a high enough lumen for the

Energy Saving on Lighting Infographic

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, the matter of lighting is important. The matter of how much you spend on lighting costs each month can certainly impact your budget. The bottom line is to use less energy to get the lighting you need which will save money.

History of Lighting Graphic

Ever since the invention of fire, the core of illumination has been a presence in our lives. While illumination was once only provided by fire through the use of candles, lanterns, and other sources requiring no electricity, today it is used in several forms and types

Choosing a Light Source Infographic

When choosing a light source, there are many options on the market with just as many variations within their operation or results. Here are the key points you need to know about each option to help make the decision process easier.

LED Bulb Base Types Infographic

When looking at the various types of bulbs, there are a few things you need to consider. When buying the right lamp for your fixture, it is important to know the different LED bulb base types to ensure you get the right one for your fixture.

Setting Up Light Automation

When it comes to making your home exactly what you want, there is no denying that lighting plays a big role. Many homeowners are taking advantage of the automation options on today's technologically advanced market. Gone are the days of walking into a dark house at night or leaving on the porch lights all day while you are at work wondering if you turned them off on your way out the door! Before you get started with setting up light automation, there are a few things you should know.

History of Lighting Inventors

When looking at the complicated history of what we know as the lighting industry today, there were a few important milestones that paved the way.

How Traffic Lights Work

When you look at the way society has advanced over the span of human existence, there is no denying that lighting has played an important role.

LED light color choices