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T5 Sockets

We offer several types of T5 and T5 HO sockets and tombstones that work with a variety of wattages and lengths of lamps. These ballasts for T5 and T5 HO lamps are all programs start being that's how T5's. We offer these tombstones in a variety of heights from short to tall based on your needs and your fixtures or your retrofit lighting kits. We offer also an extended socket 5T conversion socket that allows you to convert where your T8 lamp postions to a T5 lamps when changing the ballast.

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Single, tall T5 unshunted socket. TL10/SOCKET
  • Brand: ILP
  • 1.47" Tall
  • .75" Wide
  • .37" Thick
  • Usually Ships 7-10 Business Days
  • Minimum order quantity = 100

Price: $0.45

American Made UL Listed
Single, T8 to T5 conv socket. T5/CONV/SOCKET
  • Usually Ships 3-5 Business Days

Price: $1.55