Obsolete Lighting Technologies, Stories of Fluorescents and LEDs

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For several years now, lighting manufacturers have been working on many new technologies that save consumers electricity usage and money over the long run. They are meant to replace most of the older types of lighting systems and eventually make them obsolete. These technologies are regulated by the Department of Energy and are voted on by congress to encourage the use of energy efficient products by providing energy rebate dollars for construction projects. In order to receive these energy rebates, specifiers and designers will seek out lighting products (typically fluorescent and LED) that are DLC-certified and Energy Star-qualified, which means that they have been tested and government-approved for the rebates. Some examples used to replace obsolete lighting systems are as follows:

These consume much less energy and are able to give comparable lighting levels to the end user. These Technologies are continually evolving and as the computer markets did in the 1990s. These new technology lamps are perfecting light color, energy usage per watt and reliability to lessen usage and environmental impacts on such things like disposal.

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