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Lighting Ballasts

We offer the most competitive pricing on any ballast needed for your lighting application. If you have any problems at all trying to find a replacement ballast or any type of lighting ballasts in particular, please contact our customer support team. Ballasts are electrical components designed for dictating the amount of input that is consumed by the lighting installation it's fixed to. The ballast is inducted into the lamps to enable production of illumination in the installation setting. Housed in a strong durable cast, they provide great heated energy to provide an electrical disposition to the fixtures and enable illumination. They consist of a pair of electrodes that is subjected to arc or heat to produce energy in the form of voltage that facilitates lighting of the lamp in the lighting fixture. Ballasts are majorly used for lighting up any place evenly, be it in the residential or commercial sector. Its main advantage lies in its control factor and its rapid functionality in providing life to the light installations.

Ballasts vary in performance and positioning of the installation on basis of their fixture component:

A standard ballast description consists of the following components that give it a distinguishing edge:

  • Watt Capacity
  • Type Fluorescent Lamp Used
  • Voltage Strength
  • Color of Ballast
  • Installation Condition specific (if suitable for dry or wet locations).
  • Medium of Energy Induction

We offer a wide selection of lighting ballasts to cover nearly any type of need. Choose from lighting ballasts in all the models mentioned above, as well as variations within each category to find the option that is best suited for your fixture and expectations. All of the options we offer are made of high-quality methods and materials. Many are offered with lengthy warranties to ensure satisfaction. At Warehouse-Lighting.com, we are pleased to be your source for lighting solutions. If you have any questions about these products, we would be happy to assist you in any way while shopping.