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50 Watt Metal Halide Ballasts

Having the proper hardware to install your new light fixtures is important, and you will save yourself time and hassle by preparing for your next project with our high-quality products. We provide 50-watt metal halide ballasts, including the 50-watt metal halide M110 M148 ballast kit. We offer some of the lowest prices you will find, along with free shipping right to your door. This ensures that you can always get the highest quality equipment on the market without stress. We know the difference that proper lighting can make, and we are dedicated to helping you get the right fixtures for your space!

The Espen multitap 120V or 277V 50-watt metal halide ballasts have an input power of 72 watts and are the right choice for an ANSI code lamp of M110 or M148. The power factor is greater than 90 percent, and its UL temperature ratings are 180 degrees centigrade. Minimum starting temperature is -20 degrees Fahrenheit, and lead lengths are 12 inches. Take the time to ensure this is the perfect match for your fixture and you will enjoy high performance and a long life with ease!

Our high-quality 50-watt metal halide ballasts will give you the powerful regulation and control you need to ensure your light fixtures work at their best every day. Having a quality ballast is an essential ingredient to a properly working fluorescent fixture, and we provide the best products on the market to ensure you get the job done without worry.

These kits come with a three-year warranty. If you have any questions about this or any other lighting product, just call us toll-free or use our convenient, fast online chat feature. We will work hard to ensure you get the proper hardware for your application, so you can enjoy powerful, efficient lighting every day.