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Cold Start Fluorescent Ballast

Cold Start Fluorescent Ballasts

Cold Start Fluorescent Ballasts are exclusive components designed for controlling the amount of input that is consumed by the lighting installation it?__s fixed to. The ballast is housed in a die cast strong aluminum casing. They provide great heated energy to provide an electrical disposition to the lamps fixtures and enable illumination. They consist of a pair of electrodes without filament that gradually raises in temperature to produced energy in the form of voltage which in turn lights up the cold cathode based lamp.

Cold Start Fluorescent Ballasts find great application capabilities in in-depth light detection areas such as document scanners and LED back light. It is also great in applications with frequent switching and low voltage like walk-in closet. Its main advantage lies in its control factor and its rapid functionality in providing life to the light installations.

Cold Start Fluorescent Ballasts has a great battery capacity with a sensible Lumen output. The complete kit is inclusive of switch and installation hardware.

A standard Cold Start Fluorescent Ballast description constitutes of the following components that gives it a distinguishing edge:

v  Watt Capacity

v  Type Fluorescent Lamp used

v  Voltage Strength

v  Lumen Output

v  Warranty