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HID Electronic Ballasts

HID electronic ballasts are an important part of a lighting system. Used to get the most out of a hydroponic growing system or a similar lighting setup, these small tools are used to help high-intensity discharge bulbs operate at maximum efficiency.

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Electronic HID Ballasts 20W, Metal Halide Lamp, Bottom exit leads with mounting studs MH120MV-BLS
  • Width: 4.85""
  • Case Quantity: 20
  • Height: 3.62""
  • Brand: Espen
  • Number Of Lamps: 1
  • Voltage 120-277V
  • Length: 5.72""
  • Min Start Temp: -20 Degree F
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Usually Ships 1-2 Business Days
  • Power Factor: 0.95

Price: $76.75

When installed, the HID electronic ballast allows the production of the voltage needed to start and operate a lamp. It does this by borrowing available voltage from an electrical outlet and increasing it to provide a high enough voltage pulse to turn a lamp on. Once the lamp is operating, the HID electronic ballast serves to maintain the electrical arc inside of the lamp according to the parameters set forth by the lamp’s manufacturer. It also regulates voltage and helps maintain the lamp’s illumination by regulating variations in supplied voltage.

HID electronic ballasts also serve to increase the lifespan of a lamp. This is because, as a lamp ages, it often begins to require increased voltage to operate efficiently. This tiny tool takes care of that by regulating the voltage coming from the outlet to maintain the arc needed to provide illumination. Keep in mind, though, that if the lamp ages to a point that it requires a voltage that is no longer safe, this tool will initiate its shutdown, to ensure safety and check fire danger. In these cases, a lamp may start up and continue to shut down, which would signal to you that the lamp needs to be replaced.

These tools are an important part of any high-intensity discharge lighting system, and if you’ve found yourself in need of one or several, you need look no further than our wide selection to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need. We offer all different widths, heights, brands, lamp numbers, and lengths for your convenience and, depending upon where you live, you can find a model that features a minimum start temp of upwards of -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Most models come with warranties, and all you need to do is call or email us during business hours for us to help you find the perfect model.

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Electronic HID Ballasts 20W, Metal Halide Lamp, Bottom exit leads with mounting studs MH120MV-BLS

Electronic HID Ballasts 20W, Metal Halide Lamp, Bottom exit leads with mounting studs

Price: $76.75