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LED Drivers

An essential ingredient to LED lighting systems, LED drivers, are used for a variety of reasons. They regulate the power of a string of lights, providing a constant supply of quality power that adapts with the temperature changes of the system. Without this control, LED systems can quickly become overheated, losing efficiency and having poor performance. In extreme situations, this can even cause total failure of your lighting, so having the proper hardware to support your system is crucial for having reliable illumination every day.

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Samsung LED Refrigerator Driver psdv960101u
  • Can control up to 4 strip units
  • Constant Voltage Power Supply - Samsung 120V ~ 277V input, 24V DC output, 96W

Price: $48.19

Our LED drivers are very flexible and reliable. With options to control up to 4 strip units, they can cover your lighting systems with ease. Many different voltage options are available, with constant power output so you can get the perfect match for your needs. These options will also enable you to convert higher voltage alternating current power to low voltage direct current, expanding your capabilities instantly. Whether you are using tape or cove lights, regular fixtures, panels, or outdoor lights, you can rest assured that our drivers will handle your needs with ease.

You can ensure your LED lights last longer and perform better by using quality LED drivers. If you cannot find the option to match your needs, contact our customer support. We have many options available and will work hard to ensure you get the right solution for your application. You can install quality LED lighting systems anywhere from outdoor lighting to commercial and residential areas, signs, and even vehicles. From the smallest to the largest projects, having the right hardware will make the job quick and easy and ensure long lasting success.

Find the best prices for the LED hardware you need for your next project. You do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy powerful, efficient lighting every day. We stock only the highest quality equipment from the best brands, and with our competitive prices, you can get everything you need to install the perfect lighting solution for you.

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Samsung LED Refrigerator Driver psdv960101u

Samsung LED Refrigerator Driver

Price: $48.19