Warelight 57 Watt Acrylic Prismatic High Bay Light Fixture

Warelight 57 Watt Acrylic Prismatic High Bay Light Fixture

Product Review

Finding the right lighting can be tricky for any location. When you need a lighting solution built with performance in mind, our 57 Watt Acrylic Prismatic Compact Fluorescent High Bay is the perfect option.

What is it?

Our 57 Watt Acrylic Prismatic Compact Fluorescent High Bay is a fixture perfect for a range of applications. Designed with an attractive appearance and functional elements in equal measure, this solution offers optimal illumination for both indoor and outdoor areas in need of reliable applications. These units are designed to handle wet locations making them ideal for exteriors of buildings, as well as warehouse settings where dampness may be an issue.

What are the features?

This solution has a lot to offer in terms of performance and functionality. With a voltage of 120-277V, as well as a wattage of 57, this unit is reliable and can work for a range of purposes. The minimum starting temperature is 40 degrees so there is a slight warmup factor, but it reaches this point relatively quickly for this type of solution. The CRI rating is around 82 which offers a good color rendering of objects for areas where this might be an issue. The lumen output for this 57-watt fixture usually runs to 4300 lumens which is a great return on the energy invested in the solution. The fixture operates with three, four pin CFL tubes which allow for a more concentrated light creation. The distribution of the light spread is improved by way of the reflector inside the fixture. This feature allows for the light to travel downward in a more powerful concentration. The housing is made of durable die-cast aluminum for added confidence in the product. The wiring component comes with an adjustable leveling feature for added ease. When it comes to mounting the application, this option can be mounted with a threaded ½ inch cord or with hook and cord accessory kit. Since it does offer such a concentrated light beam, it is usually utilized in ceilings ranging from 10 to 18 feet in height. We also offer a 70-watt version of this fixture which is ideal for ceilings ranging from 12 to 23 feet in height. The unit is UL listed for damp locations, as well as backed by a 1-year warranty on both fixture and the accompanying ballast.

Final Thoughts

This unit is a reliable option for high bay applications. It offers ease of installation with the focused light spread of a high bay reflector fixture.

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