Auto Repair Center Lighting

Auto Repair Center Lighting

When it comes to lighting for your auto repair center location, you want options that will increase visibility and productivity while also being cost-efficient. Since auto repair center lighting has to meet a variety of specific needs, here are a few tips on selecting the right auto repair center lighting applications for your needs.

1.Evaluate Efficiency

When choosing auto repair center lighting applications, the first thing to look at is efficiency. You are running a business after all, and choosing lighting solutions that are not cost effective would just be bad business. Here are a few tips for choosing efficient lighting.

  • Look at lumen output versus wattage. This will tell you how much energy is needed to create the illumination specified by the light source. The goal here is to choose something with low wattages to high lumen output because it means you are getting a powerful illumination output with lower energy consumed.
  • If you find a light source that offers higher lumen outputs, don’t automatically assume that is the best option. It may offer higher lumen output, but if it pulls in more wattage, it is not the most efficient option.
  • Stay away from fluorescents. While they were once the standard choice for all types of lighting, the lighting industry has advanced beyond the primitive capability and shorter life span of fluorescents. For example, LED or induction lighting would be a much better choice in terms of performance and longevity than compact fluorescents.
  • Choose quality over price! Initial costs for lighting your auto repair center will be a factor for any location, but when you buy cheap products, you get cheap results. It is better to invest more upfront and get a long-lasting lighting solution that meets your needs than to pay more in the long run on replacements and repairs.

2. Consider Durability

Durability is the second biggest factor when choosing lighting for your auto repair center. When we say durability, it means a few things.

  • Damage Resistant. When working in an auto repair center, accidents are bound to happen. You want to choose lighting solutions that are more or less impact resistant, waterproof, dustproof, and shatter proof. A good way to determine this is to look for the NEMA or IP rating to make sure it meets your needs. You can also check if a fixture is UL listed wet or damp for added protection.
  • Longevity. This factor is determined by how long the fixture will last and how long the bulbs last before needing to be replaced or repaired. A few good materials or options to choose would be polycarbonate coverings, LED bulbs, and die cast steel or aluminum housings. Remember, choose quality over convenience or cost for a longer lasting solution. LED’s are also better in terms of maintenance because they will need fewer repairs than other options since they don’t have filaments or electrodes as part of their operation.

3. Different Lighting Areas, Different Lights

  • You should also consider the area when choosing the lighting solution. For instance, work areas will need lighting that is brighter than your client waiting area. If you have work bays open to the elements, you have to get lights that can handle being exposed to outdoor elements as opposed to lights designed specifically for indoor applications.

The most essential thing about finding the right lighting is to take your time and consider all your options. If you make sure you place a high premium on durability and efficiency, as well as choosing lights depending on area, you will find the right choice for your location.