Baselite Light Cord Hung Café Lites

Baselite Light Cord Hung Café Lites

Product Review

Finding the right lighting is often about both performance and visual appeal. With the JIB610 Series 1 from Baselite, both elements have been carefully honed until a great lighting solution was created.

What is it?

The Baselite JIB610 Series 1 is a cord suspended light fixture. It offers a sleek, attractive appearance that makes it ideal for commercial uses in restaurants, cafes, bars, and other locations looking for a stylish light fixture with a rustic charm.

What are the features?

This UL listed fixture is made in the USA with high standards. It comes in several lamping options and mounting options to meet a range of preferences and location needs. Available in 100W incandescent and 26W compact fluorescent lamping options, this reliable light solution can also be used with 10W LED for an even greater lumen to wattage relationship over the already efficient design. Aside from the lamping options, the mounting versatility is another benefit. For instance, this fixture can be mounted with arm extension, stem, cord, cable chain, and more to help you find the right fit for your needs and the overall appearance of your location.

When it comes to durability, this fixture has all the features of durable construction you need to make it a long-lasting addition to any commercial space. Made with a housing of aluminum that has been pretreated five times to improve the strength, this fixture is coated with a lead-free coating to further protect against dings, scratches, and other accidental encounters that can damage a light fixture. The reflector inside the fixture is made from sturdy heavy gauge aluminum that will not only help project light downward more evenly, but will also protect the life of the fixture.

Apart from the durability and performance the other big draw for this fixture is the stylish appearance. It is available in a wide range of colors to meet any style needs. Choose from finishes such as black, navy green, blue, copper, stucco, white, rust, galvanized, and much more, to find the right option.

Final Thoughts

When you need a stylish and high-performing fixture, Baselite is a trusted name in the industry. With this fixture, you get the best of visual appeal and powerful durability for a long-lasting addition to any commercial business.

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