Different Ways To Light A Christmas Tree

Different Ways To Light A Christmas Tree

There is no denying the warmth a lit Christmas tree brings to any home in December. Whether you choose an all-white glow for a modern look or a colorful display for a traditional choice, a Christmas tree is the epitome of the holiday season. When it comes to different ways to light a Christmas tree, there may be a few things you need to know. If you are tired of the same old thing every year, we might have a new solution for you this season.

Traditional String Lights

While traditional string lights are certainly the norm for the holidays, there are a few ways to try it that might be new to you. While most people take the strands, and wrap them around the tree in a continuous circle, there are three other ways worth noting.

The first option is called weaving. This method starts at the top of the tree and weaves downwards to the bottom. You would repeat this process on all sides of the tree until covered. If you want a brighter tree with this method, you can simply repeat the process over with a second string of lights started at a lower point than the first.

The second option is to create a triangle where you start at the bottom of the trunk and work your way up to the top of the tree. What sets this option apart is that in addition to the weaved lights, you will also create a triangle effect by stringing one strand of lights in a triangle shape from top to bottom as a border to the weaved lights.

The third option is individual branch wrapping. This is a bit more time consuming, but it gives the best overall distribution of lights for a brighter tree. For this method, you would wrap the branches until all branches are covered in lights from tip to trunk.

Overhead Lighting

For a different approach to tree lighting, overhead lighting can be a great way to add something extra. Since many light fixtures in the form of track lighting can be focused to pinpoint where the light spread will land, you can create a focus on your tree with overhead for a dramatic display. You can choose to do this in addition to lights on the actual tree or opt for a colored lens over the overhead fixture for a red and green display in this area.


Another way to elevate the lighting on your tree this year is to create more focus. If you are lighting an outdoor tree, spotlights which can be placed below the tree and shoot light spread upwards is always a beautiful choice.