Energy Saving Tips for Spring

Energy Saving Tips for Spring

With the coming of spring, you may be looking for a fresh start to go with the new beginning of the season. When it comes to energy saving tips for spring, here are 5 easy ways to get a better return on your lighting fixtures.

1. Switch out inefficient lighting with efficient lighting

One of the best energy-saving tips for spring is to ditch the inefficient bulbs in your home or business. For example, an incandescent bulb uses higher wattages of around 100W to create the same lumen output as a CFL lamp using only 60W. This is because an incandescent bulb loses most of its energy to heat rather than illumination. For an even better return on wattages to lumen, try an LED lamp which can offer the same or better lumen while operating on lower wattages of 10-20W.

2. Avoid high heat lamps to lower cooler costs

Another reason to switch to more efficient lamps is not just for what you save in lighting costs, but also the cooling costs. When bulbs produce high heat, it can impact the cooling costs of the space and cause the air conditioning to go into overdrive to compensate. Switching to more efficient lighting saves you energy in two ways!

3. Use natural light as much as possible

When looking to cut down on energy costs related to lighting, the best bet is to simply cut back how much light you use. The best way to do this is to use natural lighting as much possible. If you open up curtains and blinds to let in natural sunlight, you can cut back on artificial lighting costs.

4. Add sensors or timers

Another way to make sure you aren’t using more lighting than necessary this spring is to add occupancy sensors or timers to make sure lighting is managed properly. For instance, installing motion-activated sensors makes sure the lighting will turn off when no one is in the room so the problem of forgetting to hit the switch is completely eliminated.

5. Use battery operated lighting

If you are simply looking to cut down on your utilities bill every month, you can try using battery operated lighting where applicable. For example, accent and task lighting can be used on a battery operation method which means you not only save on utility costs, but also create a customized lighting plan without the use of additional wiring.

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