Equestrian Barn Lighting

Equestrian Barn Lighting

The best type of lighting for your needs will always depend on the location. For example, when it comes to equestrian barn lighting, there are a few important factors unique to the location which will determine the right fixtures. Let's take a look at the best ideas for equestrian barn lighting with these tips.

1. Choose low to no heat emitting lamps

When considering the fixtures and lamps available for equestrian barn lighting, you should choose a low to no heat emitting option. Since a barn is typically an enclosed area where extra heat can add to the discomfort of the horses, you want to avoid options that create more heat than illumination. For instance, incandescent would be a bad idea but LED would be ideal because they convert most of the energy consumed to illumination rather than heat.

2. Opt for shatterproof lighting and caged lighting

In any area with animals, you want to consider the possibility of injury a shattered bulb can create. When horses rear up, the lighting shouldn't be a detriment. Whether you choose shatterproof fixtures or a fixture with a cage around the bulb to avoid an issue, this is a special consideration to keep in mind with this unique location. If you are looking for a way to avoid this scenario altogether, tube lighting recessed in the ceiling may be your best bet over suspended or pendant mounted fixtures.

3. Consider the ratings

Another important thing to look at for applications for this location type is the rating. While a barn may be an indoor location, there are still certain factors which require the sturdier nature of an outdoor rated fixture. For example, there will be moisture, water, dust, dirt, and other elements in this unique space which would benefit from an outdoor rated light fixture. This will ensure a longer lasting solution capable of performing well under the conditions of a barn. You should look for outdoor rated options that are well gasketed to avoid damages.

4. Consider LED

Light emitting diodes (LED) are a superior choice for this unique location. LED doesn't have the traditional start up wait of other fixture types so it's ready as soon as you need it which is important in a barn. LED produces no heat during option. The lamps last longer so it will cut down on maintenance costs and time. LED is also an energy saving option which offers high lumen output with a lower wattage consumption.