Home Garage Lighting Applications

Home Garage Lighting Applications

There is no denying the impact the right lighting can have on a space. It can completely transform a location and make it practical as well as stylish and inviting. When it comes to your garage, while function certainly takes priority over ambiance, there are still ways to create a space that is perfect for your every need. Here are a few tips to help you find lighting that is perfect for home garage lighting applications. The basic areas to focus your attention will be easy enough to break down. They are general, workspace, and storage.

General Lighting

  • This type of lighting should be bright, but it can be less directed and more on the diffused side to avoid glare and harshness. It is a good idea to calculate your lumens based on the square feet of the garage to find the output you will need in terms of illumination.
  • In the debate between LED and fluorescent fixtures, there are factors to consider for both. For example, with LED bulbs, you get outstanding lumen output, longevity, and lower operating temperatures, but they are costlier initially than fluorescent. In contrast, fluorescent is more affordable up front but doesn’t last as long. However, fluorescent are still an effective way to get powerful illumination perfect for your home garage lighting applications.
  • Use instant starts ballasts. This will do several things for your lighting. It will eliminate wait times for fixtures to kick on while protecting and extending the life of the fixture. It will also help prevent issues with the driver as well as give your fixture improved power abilities.

Work Space Lighting

  • If you have dedicated areas in your garage for work spaces, it is important to find lighting that is more focused and direct than your general lighting. Find task lighting that offers direct illumination in a concentrated scope. This will help with task visibility.
  • Consider the use of under cabinet rope lighting. This is a great way to add some extra visibility with overpowering the space. It can run along the underside of your cabinets or along drawers. It is a versatile lighting solution that adds some extra illumination where you need it.

Storage Lighting

  • When looking for ways to illuminate your storage, rope lighting is a great choice. If you have shelves, you can run it along the shelving to help improve visibility. There are even battery operated rope LED lights that are perfect for installing inside a cabinet to allow you to clearly see the items you are storing with ease.
  • Consider motion sensors activated lighting. For this area of your garage, you most likely want won’t spend as much time there as you will in the workspace or the general lighting area. With motion sensor activated lights, you get illumination only when you absolutely need it. It is also nice to not have to turn on a switch when you are carrying items to the storage space.