Light Bulbs Used in Campers & RVs

Light Bulbs Used in Campers & RVs

If you have an RV or camper, you understand the importance of proper interior lighting. Without the right lighting solution in place, it can make your home away from home less enjoyable. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current lighting plan with a few tweaks or do an entire overhaul, there are a few things you need to know first. Here are 3 tips for making the most of your interior lighting plan in terms of light bulbs in an RV or camper.

1. Take stock of the current lighting plan

The best way to determine areas for improvement in terms of light bulbs is to look at what is currently in place. You will need to look at any spots in the interior where lighting may be lacking. While it can be difficult to add in new fixtures on your own, the problem may be fixed by adding different bulbs. You can’t start a new plan until you know what the areas are you want to fix, though. Make note of areas where the lights seem too dim or too bright as your starting point.

2. Remove heat emitting bulbs

One of the main reasons you should evaluate your lighting in an RV or camper is because most models use incandescent or halogen light bulbs. These bulbs are less efficient than others on the market and they also have more heat loss during operation which makes them less than ideal. In an RV, you want to eliminate any source of illumination that adds uncomfortable levels of heat to such a small space. While more recent models use compact fluorescent instead of older bulb types, these can still be less efficient than the popular choice of LED. LED will give you the best results in creating a lighting solution free from excessive heat, but compact fluorescent would still be better than nothing at all in terms of upgrading.

3. Adjust the bulbs based on specifications

Once you have figured out where you need something brighter versus something dimmer, you can adjust the bulbs in terms of individual specifications. For example, sometimes the best fix to improper lighting is changing the lumen capabilities of the bulb. Make sure you check to make sure you are installing a bulb that works with your fixture or application first. Another way to improve the lighting can be found in looking at the matter of color temperature. If your bulbs are older incandescent or halogen, you will need to switch to fluorescent or LED fixtures to benefit from color temperature adjustments. You will need to look at retrofitting the fixture since not all lamps plug into all fixture types. However, these are relatively easy matters to look into and remedy. With color temperature, using a tone that is too warm can make things seem dimmer so if creating a brighter look is important to you, opt for a cooler white temperature.

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