Warelight Ribbed Troffer Light Fixture

Warelight Ribbed Troffer Light Fixture

Product Review

When it comes to a lighting solution to meet a variety of expectations, it is hard to top an Ribbed Troffer light fixture. They are versatile in function, high-performing, and offer a stylish appeal in appearance.

While some lights are designed for use with only one type of lamps, a RIB fixture is great because even though it is essentially a fluorescent fixture, it can be used with your choice of lamp including T5, T8, and LED, as well as a choice in the number of lamps housed in each fixture. While LED lamps are often heralded as the superior lamp type, a RIB fixture will offer high levels of lumen output and brightness regardless of which lamp type you choose. It is an efficient and powerful lighting solution based on the overall quality of the design.

Ideal for office spaces, hallways, or any space in need of adequate lighting suspended from the ceiling, this lighting option looks as great as it performs. With a style that obstructs the sight of lamps until you are directly under the fixture, these lighting fixtures look elegant and sleek for an option that will only be noticed for all the right reasons. It walks the thin line between high-performance abilities and decorative lighting solution in a successful blending of the two elements.

In addition to the visual appeal, it is built with durability and longevity in mind while giving you several options to include this versatile light in your location. With gripped lens that keeps things secure and housings already configured into the top of the frame, they can be installed in various options, including surface mounting styles, to create your preferred style. They offer a 15% up light design meaning that 15% of the light goes upwards with the rest shooting downwards. This will allow for a more natural looking lighting solution as opposed to a harsh light that is downcast creating harsh shadows.

When choosing lighting, there are many great reasons to choose this particular option. In addition to all the all reasons listed, they are also an affordable option. For more information about these reliable lighting solutions, please see our video on the matter.

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