Technology Stores Lighting

Technology Stores Lighting

When it comes to making the most of your business, you need the right lighting solutions in place. While every location has its own unique challenges, a technology store presents its own set of unique considerations. In order to achieve the right outcome for technology store lighting, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let's take a look at a few best bets for this location in terms of lighting solutions and setup.

1.Avoid glares

When looking at technology stores lighting, there are a lot of screens which can naturally pick up light and create a glare. From tablets and phones to laptops and televisions, the potential for glares is never ending in this setting. You want to avoid glares because they make customers want to look away from the products which is the opposite of what you want when trying to sell them the product. A few good ways to avoid glares are to opt for LED which are low glare, use diffusers for a gentler light outcome, and pay attention to where light spread falls.

2.Choose a higher color rendering index

Another special consideration to keep in mind when looking for the right technology stores lighting is the color rendering index. Most modern devices, whether phone, tablet, laptop, or television, have technology that has advanced to where images on a screen are full color and vivid in their clarity. If you are using a lower color rendering index, these various color details will not be as noticeable on the screen. For this reason, you should aim for a higher rather than lower CRI for your light solutions.

3.Choose low heat lamp types

When lighting for any space using technology devices, the heat output of the lamps should be considered. Customers like to take their time and play with the features of the device before purchasing so the lighting needs to be comfortable. A high heat output can make them uncomfortable. It can also mean you are using less efficient lamp type and wasting money on energy. LED is a great choice for a low heat option with compact fluorescent a close second.

4.Light for televisions with ambiance lighting

While the matter of ample lighting without competing with the screen is important for laptops and tablets, a television is a different set of parameters. While laptops and tablets are typically used for work during the day, most people watch television at night after work with minimal lighting turned on in the living room. Since the matter of color and clarity are even more important with a big purchase that is so visually based, it is crucial to make sure that aspect really stands out by way of keeping the surrounding lighting to a minimum. Many stores choose to feature the televisions in a space separated from the rest of the screen-based technology devices to create a warm, cozy environment similar to a living room while also having dimmer lights.