Resources for Calculating Energy and Cost

Resources for Calculating Energy and Cost

When choosing the best lighting solutions for your location, the cost no doubt is a major factor. With the bottom line always looming, finding ways to ensure energy and cost-efficient lighting is a great way to cut down on high-cost expenses. When it comes to figuring out how much you stand to save, there are a few great resources for calculating energy and cost savings. Performing a lighting audit is a great way to assess where there are opportunities for improvements in terms of energy and costs, but where do you start? You start with the right tools, of course! These sites are loaded with resources to let you tackle a range of lighting topics related to improving efficiency for lowered utility costs and lowered impacts on the environment.

Department of Energy

This is one of the most helpful resources for calculating energy and cost savings. Operated by the government with up-to-date information and thorough guides to help in decision making, this site has information on a wide range of topics related to energy, including lighting solution comparisons to help you find savings. In addition to the guides on energy efficiency, they also offer a range of online tools you can use to perform a lighting audit in your location. Find out more here,

U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Another government run resource, this organization monitors a range of data which may be useful in calculating energy and cost savings. With accurate data professionally collected and studied, this site gives you a better idea of matters such as trends in energy usage, pricing trends, and even current industry reviews from fellow professionals, to give you a better understanding of lighting solutions and the potential savings. You can find this site at

Energy Star

While most people think of Energy Star ratings as being for appliances, this seal of approval is also related to lighting solutions. Aside from giving energy efficiency ratings, this site has several tools and guides to help choose the most efficient lighting for improved savings. Working with the EPA, the Energy Star site has tools and suggestions to find the solution that is best for the planet while using as little energy as possible. They also offer resources such as upgrade manual which cover tactics to create a more efficient lighting system to save on costs. Find these resources here,