1 x 4 LED Flat Panel Lights

When looking for recessed lighting for your commercial location, 1x4 LED flat panel light fixtures may be the perfect solution. Recessed lighting is ideal for a range of commercial and industrial settings, including schools, retail locations, and offices. Unlike other recessed lighting options, flat panel fixtures can be placed flush against the ceiling for lighting that takes up minimal space. With their thin design and lightweight structure, they are easy to install in a short matter of time.

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1x4 LED Flat Panel Light Fixtures

We offer several options for those in search of 1x4 LED flat panel light fixtures from leading names in commercial and residential lighting, including RAB Lighting and Maxlite. All of the 1x4 LED flat panel light fixtures we offer have been manufactured with the highest standards of performance and using durable materials built to last. They are compatible for changing out fluorescent models in the standard T-bar shape and narrow grid drop ceilings to convert lighting to the latest in LED technology. All of the 1x4 LED flat panel light fixtures we offer are UL listed and come with various warranties to ensure the life of your fixture. LED lighting options last longer than fluorescent lighting options. LED lights can last upwards of 50,000 hours while saving money with their efficient energy consumption.

All of the LED flat panel lighting fixtures we offer are capable of delivering outstanding performance. With thoughtful features such as diffusion lenses to create an evenly distributed illumination and construction free of harmful chemicals, these lighting solutions have been manufactured to meet a range of needs. They offer a range of lumens outputs, wattage variations, and optional features, such as dimmable controls and motion sensors, for a lighting choice capable of accommodating a scope of applications. We also offer LED flat panel light fixtures that are UL damp listed for locations requiring it.

At Warehouse-Lighting, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the products we offer. Please contact one of our friendly lighting specialists today to find the perfect lighting solutions for your location!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 1x4 LED flat panels?

A sleek and easy to install option, 1x4 LED flat panels are fixtures that are mounted flush against the ceiling for a clean look capable of providing ample lighting. They are 4 feet in length and 1 foot wide making them ideal for a range of spaces. They use LED lamps to give reliable lighting that is also energy efficient.

Where do you install 1x4 LED flat panels?

This type of fixture can be installed in a range of locations thanks to the ease of installation and the overall performance. You can find these lights in places such as schools, offices, retail and commercial spaces, and more. Here are some examples of where 1x4 LED flat panels can be used:

What are the benefits of 1x4 LED flat panels?

The benefits of this lighting solution start with the LED aspect. LED fixtures offer the best return on investment since they produce impressive lumen outputs on a low wattage of energy consumed. LED also offers some of the longest life spans in terms of lamps. The benefit of the flat panel style is the overall look as well as the ease of care. While other fixtures are prone to collecting dust, this fixture is placed flush against the ceiling so there is less cleaning.

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