1 x 4 Surface Mount Troffers

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Information about LED Surface Mount Troffer Lights

  • They are easy to install. Unlike recessed fixtures which require a hole in the ceiling, surface mount leaves the ceiling mostly intact for an easier installation process. This means they are easy to install without adding extra work.
  • LED offers the best in low wattages and high lumen outputs. A lower wattage and a higher lumen output means the fixture is efficient at taking energy and converting it to illumination. LED offers the best in high lumens on a lower wattage to save on utility costs while giving exceptional light output.
  • LED offers versatility on important matters. LED offers the best versatility on matters such as color temperature so you can get the warm or cool appearance you prefer, as well as offering a better color rendering index to pick up and display different colors with overall ease. LED also offers impressive dimming powers over other fixtures while maintaining a flicker-free operation at any setting.
  • Surface mount is pleasing in appearance with several styles available. Whether you prefer a grid style for a more textured look or a smooth lens cover with a modern appeal, this type of fixture has several options to choose from and all with a focus on creating a pleasing appearance for your space.

When looking for lighting for areas of a certain size, it can be hard to find exactly what you need. With our inventory of 1x4 surface mount troffer light fixtures, you can get the powerful illumination you need in the right size for your space. We offer leading names in light fixtures, such as Saylite, for quality and performance you can depend on for years to come. These industrial light fixtures are designed to operate LEDs with capacities of 32 watts, 48 watts or 57 watts. These rectangular 1x4 surface mount troffer light fixtures are the most common type of energy-efficient LED illumination fixture used in commercial office spaces, schools, and other public buildings. Because LEDs have a faster start time, they tend to work well in cold weather and do not use mercury for added benefit.

Our selection of 1x4 surface mount troffer lights features the best in American manufacturing capable of meeting a range of specifications and spaces. These fixtures are a popular choice for commercial, office, and educational settings. Optional color temperatures allow you to achieve softer, diffused lighting or brighter, more targeted illumination. The low-profile center basket surface-mount LED troffer by Saylite in a 1x4 configuration can handle watt capacities of 32W, 48W or 57W. Many options come complete with dimmable capabilities for added versatility and appeal. Made from die-formed and spot welded 22 gauge cold rolled steel for the housing assembly, these fixtures are sturdy and long lasting for added value when shopping for fixtures for your business or location. When looking for dependable performance and long-lasting quality, our inventory of 1x4 surface mount troffer lights is the ideal solution.

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