2 x 4 LED Troffer / Recessed Retrofit Lighting Kits

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With recessed lighting offering better visibility due to the fixture being encased in the ceiling, it has become a popularly used choice in many institutional settings. With our 2x4 recessed retrofit lighting kits, you can improve the lighting in your building with an affordable option. These lighting options provide superior illumination while saving you money on efficiency. Applications for this type of lighting includes offices, retail locations, schools, kitchens, and more.

For those smart shoppers looking to increase your lighting power and lower utility costs with better lighting, we offer the most commonly needed 2x4 troffer retrofit lighting kits used to change outdated T12 troffer lighting fixtures into a more modern fixture. These 2x4 recessed retrofit lighting kits offer improved illumination and lower energy consumption for a wise investment into the life of your business.

Our inventory of 2x4 troffer retrofit lighting kits are capable of meeting a wide range of lighting specification needs. With differences between kits ranging from watt capacity depending on energy needs, lamp numbers from 2-6, reflector variations depending on how much lighting needs to spread down and out for your setting, and many more accommodations, you are sure to find the 2x4 recessed retrofit lighting kits that are right for your needs. We offer all-inclusive kits, as well as helpful bracket kits, to make the installation or upgrade a stress-free experience. Many of these options have been UL listed and CEE certified for performance and long-lasting reliability you can count on for years. We also carry the often hard to find center basket troffer lighting kit for this size fitting.

With every option constructed from durable materials built to last and easy installation processes, these kits allow you to update lighting for improved visibility and efficiency while feeling confident about your choice. We have options with varying warranties and rebates available for a lighting solution you can trust for years to come. If you have any questions about these products, our customer service experts are available to offer assistance. At Warehouse-Lighting, our goal is to help you find the most affordable and efficient lighting solution for your needs and budget.