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2x4 LED Troffers & Fixtures 

When looking for a way to update your outdated lighting into a more efficient option, 2x4 LED troffer lights could be the perfect solution. LED lighting offers a more powerful illumination while consuming less energy for a lighting option that is both productive and cost effective. LED lighting is also known to outlast comparative lighting options by almost 4 times the burn time, as well as being lower temperatures for a lighting option you can leave on for hours at a time without worry.

2x4 LED Troffer Lights

We offer 2x4 LED troffer lights to meet a variety of specification needs. Our inventory offers the leading names in the lighting industry, including WareLight, RAB Lighting, Texas Fluorescents, and more, for quality and performance you can trust. Choose from 2x4 LED troffer lights in a variety of wattage capacities, ranging from 32 watts to 72 watt LED options, as well as variations in lumen outputs and volt options of 100-277 and 120-277, depending on your lighting needs. We offer 2x4 LED troffer lights in various lamp numbers as well, including 2 lamps, 3 lamps, and 4 lamps.

Our selection offers a variety of options for this type of lighting such as low profile center basket, lensed static troffer, direct/indirect troffer, prismatic troffer, and more. These lights come in several different mounting options, including grid mount, to ensure you get the right option for your location needs. All of the lighting solutions offered feature durable and sturdy manufacturing from reliable materials, such as bodies made from die-formed 22-gauge steel and aluminum. They are painted with highly reflective baked white enamel for extra protection.

When it comes to installation, these models feature configurations designed to make lighting installation into an easy job, such as access plates, wiring knockouts in multiple locations, and optional ballast covers. These lighting options offer powerful illumination that is hassle and worry-free. Most models shown come complete with extended warranties to ensure optimal performance for years to come.

If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing your lighting solution, our team of lighting experts is available to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 2x4 light fixture weigh?

The weight of a 2x4 light fixture is usually between 14-18 pounds. If they are all the same size, then why are there different weights available? It is important to keep in mind that weight is usually a factor of the types of materials used in construction and some materials naturally weigh a bit more.

How do you install a 2x4 LED lay-in troffer?

Start by ensuring the power is off to the area you will be working to avoid electrical shock hazards. 

Remove the ceiling tiles from where the fixture will be installed. 

Drill holes into the internal ceiling large enough to support anchors. Make sure the drill holes line up with the exact measurements of the openings on the fixture. 

Screw the eye bolts into the anchors. 

Set the fixture in the T-bar framework before attaching the luminaire to the lined-up eye bolt. Make sure you wrap the wiring around to give the fixture extra support in the event of the T-bar collapsing. 

Connect the corresponding wiring and install the ballast cover. 

Install lamps and close the cover of the fixture. Turn the breaker back on and enjoy your LED troffer!

How do you install 2x4 LED light panels?

Make sure the power is off to avoid electrical shock risks. 

Place the recessed modular fitting directly into the ceiling where you want the fixture. 

Disconnect the fitting from the mains and remove it before wiring the panel driver in its place. 

Place the panel itself into the modular fitting and connect the male/female connectors or corresponding wiring. 

Adjust the fixture to ensure proper placement. 

Turn power to the area back on.