2x4 LED Troffer Retrofit Kits

There are plenty of reasons to make the swich to LED over older, less efficient lighting choices. With the use of our 2x4 LED troffer retrofit kits, you can experience all the wonders of light emitting diodes for your location.

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2x4 Troffer Retrofit Kit 2 Lamps x F32T8 (shown with specular reflector)

2 x 4 Foot Troffer Retrofit Kit 2 Lamps x F32T8

  • Brand: WareLight
  • Changes fixture from T12 to T8
  • Lamp Type: 32 Watt T8 - 4' (not included)
  • Number of Lamps: 2
  • Reflector Type: White or Specular (included)
  • Ballast Not Included.
  • Usually Ships 3-5 Business Days


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Troffer Retro Kit With LED lamps

2 x 4 Foot Retrofit Kit White or Mirrored Reflector for Troffer Body 4500-5625 Lumen 2 or 3 18W LED 4000K Lamps Included

  • Color: 4000K 
  • Finish: White 
  • Light Source: LED T8 Tube 18 Watt 
  • Lumen Output 2 Lamp 4500 Lm, 3 Lamp 5625 Lm
  • Lamps Included
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LED Retrofit Kits for 2x4 Troffers

We offer a wide selection of 2x4 LED troffer retrofit kits to help you change up your lighting to something more efficient. These 2x4 LED troffer retrofit kits hail from top brands such as Saylite, WareLight, and more for performance you can count on. They are easy to install and come in a range of sizes to accommodate your needs. These 2x4 LED troffer retrofit kits are made with durable material built to last so you can shop with confidence. Offering ease of installation and long-lasting performance, these solutions are ready to help transform your location into an LED-powered environment.

We are dedicated to outstanding customer service with each order from start to finish. With a focus on high-quality solutions from your favorite brands coupled with affordable prices, we are confident you will find the right outcome. If you have any questions, please contact our representatives for additional assistance.

Benefits of Using of 2x4 LED Retrofit Light Kits

  • Offers better lumen output for a brighter fixture. LED has high lumen outputs so you can get a brighter light which is especially ideal for larger spaces.
  • Operates on lower wattage. The fact that LED operates on lower wattage consumed means a lowered utility costs for your location.
  • Offers more versatility. LED offers the best scope on matters such as color temperature and color rendering to help get a more customized lighting experience. LED is also dimmable without losing the overall light quality.
  • Long-lasting across the board. LED fixtures last longer since they do not experience heat damage. The lamps also last up to four times longer than incandescent because of the way they operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 2x4 LED Retrofit Kits?

2x4 Troffers are rectangular light fixtures that fit into a modular dropped ceiling grids. Historically, troffer light fixtures were designed to accommodate standard fluorescent tubes, but are now commonly designed with integrated LED sources. Now, 2 x 4 troffer led retrofit kits are designed to convert fluorescent troffers to LED so that the actual fixture does not need to be replaced. 2 x 4 troffer retrofits replace the lamp oriented hardware and are especially useful if the fixtures are difficult to replace or have a unique appearance that is trying to be preserved. LED Troffer Retrofit Kits

2 x 4 troffer magnetic led retrofit kits for recessed lighting have magnets, drivers and wires for easy and economical installation. The LED Magnetic Strip Retrofit kits replace traditional tubes in a variety of commercial applications, including offices, lobbies, hallways and conference rooms in schools, libraries, airports, showrooms and hospitality environments.

Where are 2x4 LED Retrofit Kits Used?

The troffer light fixture is the most common type of light fixture used within commercial office spaces, healthcare, schools, and lab facilities. Troffer retrofit kits are perfect for these applications. From the easy installation process to the money-saving efficiency, 2x4 LED Troffer Retrofit Kits make a great addition to any location in need of superior lighting at an affordable price.

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