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4 foot Industrial Strip Lights T8, T5, LED

Reasons to choose 4 foot industrial strip light fixtures:

  • The length is ideal for a range of settings.
  • The length helps to create an ample light spread, even in narrow areas.
  • This type of lighting is easy to install while being virtually maintenance free aside from lamp changes.
  • Choose from top brands for this purchase with our inventory featuring MaxLite, WareLight, Industrial Lighting Products, and more.
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When you need light fixtures in 4-foot industrial strips, our selection is sure to have something to offer you. From 2,800 to 5,000 lumen per lamp position and from fluorescent to LED, we have something to accommodate your needs in our selection of 4-foot industrial strip lights.

When you shop our selection, you can choose from T8, T5, T5HO fluorescents, and LEDs. Our T5 varieties are available in 28 watts, 2,800 lumens per lamp varieties or T5HO 54 watts, 5,000 lumens per lamp position varieties. Our T8 light fixtures, on the other hand, are available in 32 watts, 3,000 lumens per lamp positions. Regardless of which option is right for you, rest assured we have the choices you need for 4-foot industrial strip light fixtures.

Each 4-foot strip offers a different manufacture and output, so it's simply a matter of deciding which T8 light fixtures you prefer. We have lamps made for residential use as well as those designed for commercial, industrial, and outdoor use. Each strip that you purchase from us comes with a variety of conveniently available options, like sensors, emergency backup ballasts, cords, and plugs that can be configured to your custom or unique lighting needs. We also offer sensors and many other convenient accessories to ensure that your lamps are functioning exactly the way you want them to. Our T8 light fixtures are perfect for a variety of uses. Commonly seen in cove lighting, productions line lighting, lighting aisle ways, stairwells or even closets, they are highly customizable and perfect for use in a wide range of settings. Ideal for commercial, rental, or residential applications, these 4-foot industrial strip lights are versatile, multi-purpose lamps that promise to offer exactly as much functionality as they do dependability. When you need lamp solutions, simply peruse our selection and choose the options that fit your needs.

We carry a wide selection of brands, sizes, shapes, widths, lengths, and diameters to ensure that we always have something to match every need. Plus, we guarantee that if you can't find what you're looking for, our helpful lighting experts can assist you in locating and purchasing your dream lamp solutions. Contact us during business hours to learn what we can do for you.