4 Foot LED Vapor Tight

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The matter of finding the right lighting solutions for your industrial location can’t be stressed enough. If you choose a less efficient solution, you end up spending more on lamp replacements and utility costs. If you choose an option that isn’t quite durable enough for the often rough and tumble environment of a warehouse or industrial location, you run the risk of needing to replace the entire fixture every few years or so.

With our selection of 4-foot LED vapor tight lights, you can eliminate both scenarios at once. Made for use in wet or damp locations thanks to the design elements, 4 foot LED vapor tight lights are well gasketed to prevent any water, dust, chemicals, or other debris from penetrating the seal which protects the internal workings of the fixture. The use of LED lamps provides a great return on utility costs every month because this type of bulb can produce comparable or higher lumen output than bulbs using a higher wattage to produce the same result. When looking for a great solution for your location, this is the one to beat!

We offer a wide selection of 4-foot LED vapor tight lights for your needs and budget. With such trusted brands as Sunpark, RAB Lighting, MaxLite, and more at the ready, rest assured that every option has been manufactured with the highest in industry standards for a fixture you can count on for years of reliable use. In fact, most of these 4-foot LED vapor tight lights are backed by lengthy warranties to ensure a long-lasting addition to your location. Choose from a range of wattage options from 22W to 70W to get the option best suited to your needs. These units are available in 2 or 3 lamp models to ensure ample illumination is provided for the size of the space. They are UL listed for wet/damp locations for added peace of mind. Add these reliable fixtures to your location today!