8 Foot Fluorescent Vapor Tight

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When it comes to finding the right lighting solutions for your location, the solution needs to meet certain standards to be the right fit. For example, when choosing fixtures for an area with damp or wet factors, you need an option capable of surviving such an environment without breaking down over time from moisture exposure. With our 8-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights, get the solution your environment needs at an affordable price.

There are several good reasons to consider adding 8-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights to your location. For starters, the vapor-tight element ensures the fixture is well gasketed, so it won’t be vulnerable to water damage or debris gathering in the lens. Another reason to consider this type of unit is the lamp type if you are looking to upgrade from high energy consuming HID or MH lamps. Another great reason to add these fixtures is because an 8-foot length is ideal for larger spaces in need of even light spread for a greater distance than typical 2 or 4 feet fixtures.

We offer these 8-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights in a range of options to best meet your needs. Choose from top rated brands and your choice of specifications to get the right fit. With your choice of 2, 4, or 6 lamps available, you can get the right amount of lumen output and light spread required for the size of your space with absolute ease. Made to be extra durable, these units are well gasketed to ensure a tight seal for maximum protection. In addition to this design element, they are also incredibly durable in terms of the materials used for their construction. With such elements as impact resistant acyclic lenses and fiberglass bodies, these units are built tough to last for years of use. In fact, they are backed by warranties to further ensure the longevity. These 8-foot fluorescent vapor tight lights can be used in a range of spaces and applications, but a few common uses are parking garages, hallways, stairways, outdoor storage areas, and more.