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AFX Lighting

If you’re looking for beautiful, bold, unique illumination solutions, your go-to brand is AFX Lighting. Known within the industry for their modern design paired with their cost- and energy-efficient features, these lamps are truly the top tier of both performance and appearance.

The brand has made a name for itself by using energy-efficient LED and fluorescent bulbs and is currently being used in homes, offices, commercial, and industrial settings around the country. 

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Originally known as American Fluorescent, AFX Lighting has been operating since the early years of the 1930s. Don’t let its long lifespan fool you, though: this brand is anything but traditional and buttoned-up. Playful, creative, and innovative, this brand has become a leader in contemporary designs and playful lamp components that blend well with virtually any décor.

Whether you need a large lamp to install in a conference room or meeting hall, or you’re looking for small fixtures to ornament an office, this brand offers a wide selection of beautiful pendant lamps, aerial island lamps, sconces, under-cabinet fixtures, accent lamps, and framed lamps. No matter what your décor or taste may be or what you’re looking to achieve in your residential or commercial space, these lamps promise to offer something for everyone.

At Warehouse Lighting, we offer a huge selection of AFX Lighting products, including the brand’s unique Xenon System and beautiful Wall Sconces. Ideal for the customer who wants their lamps to double as works of art, this quality, affordable, energy-efficient brand promises to deliver maximum value with unheard-of good looks. Whether you need a single lamp or a huge selection of ceiling components, this brand promises to offer what you need to update or outfit your home, commercial building, or retail space.

Popular in places like high-end offices, boutiques, luxury homes, and warehouses, these beautiful lamps add a touch of class to any environment without compromising quality, form, or function. Install these lamps now and use them for years to come. For help navigating our selection or making your purchases, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates today. They’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.