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Specializing in long-lasting, energy-saving LED lights and LED retrofits, ATG Electronics offers a variety of lighting products that can help you save money while also helping to save our precious natural resources. ATG Electronics LED lights have illuminated office buildings, upscale hotels, hospitals and classrooms. stocks ATG Electronics lighting products at competitive rates with speedy shipping.

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ATG’s Brand elucent™ led area light 150 W 100-277V LED High Bay, for instance, is ideal for applications requiring lighting of a big area. The durable LED lamp, with an estimated lifetime of more than 50,000 hours, is perfect for lighting up warehouses, gyms, offices with high ceilings and other big spaces. Putting out more than 13,000 lumens, it suits many commercial and retail applications. Despite its power, its body is light, weighing just 7 kilograms.

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