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Bollard LED Retrofit Kits 

Named after the vertical posts used in everything from marine transportation to mountaineering, bollard lights have a signature post look that makes them perfect as a landscape and outdoor lighting solution. Our LED bollard retrofit kits allow you you replace your current bollard light source with energy efficient LED technology.

Bollard light replacement kits provide a controllable and even amount of illumination to a wide area, giving you total control over how much light you add to your space. Also, our bollard retrofit kits come in many attractive styles and designs, making them great additions to your decor.  All of our products are high quality and will give you the performance you expect out of your lighting every day.

The biggest difference between the many choices of bollard LED retrofit kits comes down to design. We have many retrofit kits that will allow you to replace and upgrade old HID lights with powerful LED technology quickly and affordably, providing your space with more efficient, higher quality lighting in no time. We also have standard LED corn lights that will provide easy illumination with a stylish look. Whether you are installing a new system or upgrading an old one, these LED bollards will get the job done with ease.

All of our LED bollard retrofit lights are designed for outdoor use and will remain durable and resistant for years to come. High-quality LED bulbs ensure you get the highest level of lighting with an efficient and attractive construction. Choose from several different wattages, color temps, lumens, and more to customize your fixtures to your exact specifications. Combine our high-quality LED retrofit bulbs with your favorite fixtures to create attractive, stylish lighting for your home or office.

We have options that will match any budget, so you can easily get whatever lighting you need without stressing. If you have questions or need more information, feel free to contact us, we are always ready and waiting to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bollard LED Retrofit Kits?

LED Bollard Retrofit Kits are energy efficient replacement lights that are part of a short pole and used outside, often as part of a landscape plan. LED Bollard Retrofits may be as simple as a LED bulb that replaces a fluorescent or high-intensity bulb. Here are some examples of bulbs that maybe used in bollards:

Where are Bollard Light Replacement Kits used?

LED Bollard retrofits are generally used to replace bulbs that included in as part of exterior landscape design. They can be found in parks, parking lots, along pathways, bordering sidewalks and many other outside applications. Here are some places where Bollard LED Retrofit Lamps might be used:

What are the different types of LED Bollard Retrofit Kits?

LED Bollard retrofit lights come in many shapes and sizes One of the more common high lumen options are LED Corn lights. Depending upon the construction of your bollard, you may have several alternative bollard light retrofit kits to choose from.