Brick Lights

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Using lighting to create the desired effect is nothing new. While the use of lighting is a mainstay for many reasons, the styles of fixtures will change from time to time. With our selection of brick lights at the ready, add illumination to a variety of spaces for added style and function. With everything from rustic styles to more modern looks, we have a range of options to add this fixture type to your space. The use of brick lights can be seen in several areas such as on walls outside as perimeter lighting, in hallways and walkways to add extra illumination at night, throughout businesses looking to add an extra measure of visibility and safety, and many other applications.

Aptly named for their shape, brick lights are rectangular shaped units which are mounted on a wall. We offer trusted brands for this much-needed fixture, such as Ambiance and Sea Gull Lighting, for quality and performance you can count on for years to come. Made with durable housings and lenses where needed, these brick lights are strong and sturdy without sacrificing on style. Whether looking for a rustic metal in a copper finish perfect for an exterior light, an all-black finish for a sleek look, or a white finish perfect for a modern vibe, these lights have it all! These units are available in your choice of lamps such as a single lamp, double lamp, and even 4 lamp models to meet your needs. Available in a range of lamp types, lumen outputs, wattages, and voltages, you are sure to find the one that is right for your location. Easy to install and configure, our units are also made to be long lasting with lengthy warranties from the manufacturer as added peace of mind. Add this smart lighting solution to your location today with these affordable solutions!

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