Ceiling Mount Vapor Tight Lights

Lighting is important no matter what type of environment surrounds you. However, some areas require different lighting options built with certain factors in mind. When it comes to lighting that is both powerful in illumination and durable in design, ceiling jar vapor lights are the perfect fit for a variety of locations. Ideally used in damp environments, including barns, pool houses, and industrial settings, ceiling jar vapor lights are designed to help keep dampness, dirt, and debris out of the bulb and lighting system by being vapor tight for added peace of mind. No matter how damp the area, the light is safe from harm! They are also designed in a cage-style manner to protect the bulb even further. No more shattered glass or broken fixtures with these safeguards in place!

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70W Large Metal Halide Ceiling Mount Vaporproof Jar

70W Large Metal Halide Ceiling Mount Vapor Tight Jar

  • Brand: WareLight
  • Lamp Wattage: 70
  • Voltage: 120/208/240/277
  • Lamp Type: Metal Halide (not included)
  • Lens: Clear Glass Globe
  • Mounting: 3/4" Box Mount
  • See spec sheet and call for more options


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We offer a wide selection of these durable lighting fixtures. All of our ceiling jar vapor lights feature the cage guard made of sturdy aluminum, so you never need to worry about the safety of the jar or the bulb. These reliable lights have an easy install process and easily mount on the electrical box flush to the ceiling for illumination directly above an important area, such as a workspace, walkway, loading dock, or other area in need of more light. They are accessible for lamp changes using a quarter turn screw for updating older lights.

Thanks to their air-tight, waterproof design, ceiling jar vapor lights are ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings without worry. Our inventory features many different sizes of this dependable lighting option to ensure you get exactly what you need for your designated space. We offer both traditional incandescent lighting options and LED designs. Most of the lights shown are made domestically and offer warranties to ensure satisfaction. Every option here has been carefully manufactured with excellence in mind for a long-lasting lighting solution.

Whether looking to light up a small space such as a designated workspace or a larger space like the back door loading area of your business, these jar vapor lights for ceiling mounting are a safe bet for any location. If you have any questions about these options, please feel free to ask us.