Commercial LED Flood Lights

Ideal for all sorts of businesses, commercial flood lights are designed for the same purpose as what the name suggests; to provide a high-intensity bright flooding illumination. They are usually broad-beamed fixtures that provide an even light spread across a widespread area and usually directed via a projector. This lighting option is great for a wide variety of applications for a solution that provides powerful illumination to a large area with ease. With our selection of LED commercial flood lights, get the right choice for your location and make the most of the space.

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From parking lot flood lights to stadiums and more, this is a lighting option that is trusted around the world every day. Commercial flood lights are typically used in sports stadiums and arenas to highlight the on-going sports activity during hours when natural light is weak or absent. But they are equally effective in lighting up street corners, parking lots, amusement parks, advertisement boards, building decorations, outdoor entertainment venues, and monuments. These lights work great as spotlights in staged productions. They have a powerful range and area coverage and can be customized to provide lighting to a specific area at a great distance. The efficiency of a particular set-up depends on its light component. LED works best in providing a clean light.

Mounting Options

We have several LED flood lights which are mounted in different ways. This is an important aspect to consider. Here are the three options we feature:

  • First would be trunnion mounting which is great for mounting on walls and top of buildings, and this option allows you to adjust the fixture only up and down after mounting in position with ease.
  • Second mounting is slipfitter mounting which slides over a 2 3/8 trunnion. This can be mounted to a pole or off a bracket mounted to any stationary object like a wall, this mounting allows for an up-down as well as a left or right movement with very little work, usually just by loosening a couple of set screws.
  • Third is with a stationary arm which is mounted to a pole of some kind. This is the most unmobile mounting which just holds the fixture rigidly in place.

The wonderful thing about LED floodlights is their ability to be very bright to the naked eye allowing lower wattage fixtures to visually product the same visual light levels of it previous non-energy efficient lighting fixtures of the past. These environmentally friendly LEDs have great color rendering and consume less electricity than incandescent, CFL, metal halide and halogen fixtures. There are many options for commercial flood lights, so take the time to research the best choice for your needs. We have a great selection that will enable you to find whatever style you desire, so you can enjoy powerful lighting with ease. Whether looking for a retrofit to change an existing fixture to LED, an LED parking lot light, or floodlight accessories, we have you covered with our inventory of affordable solutions. Please contact us with any questions and a lighting specialist will gladly assist you on the matter.