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There is no denying that lighting is crucial to any setting. When it comes to installing lighting, safety and capacity are always top priorities. With our selection of circuit testers, you can always be sure of the electric aspects of installing lighting solutions.

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Calterm 66362 Voltage Tester

Calterm 66362 Voltage Tester

  • 20 inch lead included
  • Ideal for testing fuse blocks and light sockets
  • Perfect for trailer wiring
  • Insulated clip for added protection

ITEM: 66362

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Calterm 66317 Dual Bulb Hi-Lo Tester

Calterm 66317 Dual Bulb Hi-Lo Tester

  • Sharp tip on insulated prove for piercing insulation
  • Insulated clip for added protection
  • Tests 6 V and 12 V DC systems while power is connected to the circuit.
  • Clear handle for high visibility
  • No battery needed

ITEM: 66317

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Here are a few things you need to know about voltage testers.

  • This is a small usually hand-held device used to test for electrical currents. It is used on a myriad of products but is especially common when working with fixtures and wiring of fixtures.
  • The typical operation is that you will attach the two insulated wires to the bulb housing and the system will indicate whether there is an electrical current flowing in the fixture. If the tester indicates there is no electrical current, you know you have an issue with the wiring of the fixture as opposed to a lamp issue. It can also be used to test outlets and receptacles for electrical currents.
  • There are different types of electrical currents to consider as opposed to just assuming all currents are the same in regard to testing. For example, there are circuit conditions such as open, ground, open neutral, open hot, and reverse wiring you need to consider. It is important to make sure the voltage meters you are considering offer this function.
  • Another great feature to look for is an option that detects leakage. When shopping voltage testers, an option that tells you when there is an underground leak in a current will save you a lot of time and money in the long run over a model that doesn't offer this important information during testing.

We offer a diverse selection of all of the required multimeters and accessories needed for this aspect of lighting. With an inventory featuring testers of varying voltages, including low voltage, finding the right choice for your needs has never been easier. These units are designed to be easy to handle and small enough to carry without worry. They have features such as sound and light indicators of voltage for added ease of use, the ability to distinguish polarities, capacity to detect leaks underground, and many other thoughtful features that make these tools a must-have accessory. Many of these options are capable of testing multiple areas of concern including receptacles, cables, sockets, fuses, and electrical lines for added value and versatility. When looking for the smallest receptacle tester, check out the options the size of pens or screwdrivers for a pocket-friendly solution you can take anywhere the need arises. In addition to the testers, we also offer additional accessories needed for this area such as replacement test leads which are always good to have on hand. Regardless of which item is best suited to your needs, rest assured every option has been manufactured with high standards of quality and hallmarks of reliable performance to ensure a great addition to your tools. Made to be easy to use while offering accurate results, these tools are the perfect fit for professionals and DIY enthusiasts looking to take on a weekend upgrading project.

We are dedicated to outstanding customer service from start to finish. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us today. Our lighting specialists are available to assist you in finding the right solution for your specific situation and budget.